Postcard Travel Journals

Travel Journaling Prompts – to use when writing postcard journal entries.

20 travel journaling prompts that you can use. You don’t have to travel overseas or interstate. You might be happy to catch a bus or train or simply drive to a nearby town or city and write postcards to store in sleeves in your journal.

  1. Top 5 moments from my day.
  2. What I ate today.
  3. Most surprising sight, smell, sound or taste from my trip so far.
  4. What do I hear, see and smell around me right now?
  5. What songs/kind of music have I frequently heard?
  6. Travel advice I’d give a younger me.
  7. 5 things I’d do while travelling if I knew I wouldn’t fail.
  8. 5 new experiences I’ve had.
  9. My packing list for the trip.
  10. What I wish I’d packed.
  11. What I wish I’d left home.
  12. 5 best meals I’ve eaten.
  13. Prices of items I’ve bought (e.g., snacks, toothpaste, a pen).
  14. Words I’ve learned in the local language.
  15. Conversations I’ve engaged in.
  16. What I’ve found at the grocery store that surprised me.
  17. Top 5 desserts I’ve eaten.
  18. Places where I’ve met new people.
  19. 5 things I’m learning about myself.
  20. Where I want to travel next.

As homework, I ask members of my face to face class to keep a postcard journal for a week. They can source postcards or buy a special travel journal to keep in their creative medicine bags ready for when they take a trip or go on a mystery tour.

Sukie and Etsy have a wonderful collection to choose from. I bought my Sukie journal when I was in Berlin a few years ago.

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