Defining Moments

In a workshop, we work with these mandalas to help formally identify defining moments in our lives. The dictionary definition of a defining moment is an event that influences or changes all subsequent related occurrences.

While these are some common defining moments

  • Getting married or divorced
  • Starting a new job or leaving an old one
  • Beginning a new business partnership
  • Taking a big trip
  • Paying of debt
  • Finishing school
  • Retiring
  • Walking away from current life to reinvent oneself
  • Losing a Loved One
  • Having a baby

they may not be the moments that really define us. The idea of legacy is a difficult concept to grasp, but it is the implicit driving force behind so many of our decisions and actions. What exactly does define us if not a trophy on our mantle or a framed degree on our wall or a ring on our finger? Some say it’s our actions. Or perhaps it’s our intentions? Is it our thoughts, our attitude, or maybe just our day-to-day outlook on life?

As they colour participants spend time contemplating the defining moments in their life, the legacy they will leave. They make notes. As they work they consider  where they are now positioned  on the clock of life and what they hope to have done before it is time to ‘leave the building’.

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